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Terrence Jenkins — better-known as “Think Like a Man” actor Terrence J — says he’s ready for the challenge of hosting “Coupled,” the new Fox reality dating show premiering May 17.

“We wanted to give the power to the women, which is what makes this show different,” he says.

“So there are so many moments to watch, because you get the broad spectrum of dating and love.” And, with the added ammunition of cell phones given to the bachelorettes and bachelors, viewers are able to see the exchange of text messages between the daters.

“We gave everyone a cell phone so they can text back and forth to each other and we watch how they become creative and how they interpret the date,” Jenkins says.

The women are dealt one good hand — but the men still hold all the cards.

He co-hosted BET’s “106 & Park” (2006-2012) then went on to host E! Though he says he wants to focus more on his film career — and produced the big-screen movie “Perfect Match” — he says he couldn’t say no when Burnett came calling. “Mark is very persuasive, so I took the job on the first call and I was off to Anguilla to film.” The setup on “Coupled” is to have the men arrive from helicopters and speedboats.

But if she goes to the tiki hut, that means she's sitting around with all the other contestants who wanted to get to know the guy better. 1 in the series, by the way, is a 26-year-old "musician" named Alex. But honestly, he seems like kind of an airhead to me.) So now the ladies are all hanging in the tiki hut, waiting for Alex who takes his sweet time strolling over to hang.

They have until sunset to chill and chat — at which point, Alex has to pick two ladies to take back with him to the villa. There is a villa, and the men are asked to feel out two women to spend a day and night with.

While it's not clear exactly how intends to match everybody up, it definitely seems possible that there are going to be some leftover people who either get booted off Anguilla or end up with whomever happens to be last man (or woman) standing.

So, is this a dating show that gives the power back to women?

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