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It's all utterly uncalled for, but also pretty hilarious. I appreciated and respected what the company said it's philosophies were at that time. However, it didn't take long to realize what complete and utter bullshit they are: Oh, you don't recycle properly?

(Caring about our communities and our environment, We sell the highest quality natural and organic products available) Oh, you force team members to come in to work, on their day off, once a month, at 7 in the morning, knowing a lot of them live an hour away and the TTC isn't completely running that early in the morning and then force feed them useless updates on the company and embarrassingly artificial pep talks ([Redacted] once compared Whole Foods Market to religion... That was definitely a "Did she really just say that moment.")?

The letter begins with a point-by-point evisceration of the grocery chain's carefully calibrated image as an earth-and-body-friendly, organic foods paradise.

Likening the chain to "a faux hippy Wal-Mart," our disgruntled bulk foods buyer accuses the company of constantly mistreating and underpaying their employees.

Almost everything that prepared foods makes is terrible.

The pizza used to be pretty good but the slices have shrunk, the toppings are sparser and it's usually extremely overcooked. (It's amazing what advertising can make people think.

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Stop taking your personal life out on everyone and have some compassion for the team members you disregard so much.

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