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She wrote for the student newspaper there and she is now a staff writer at the Northern New Jersey newspaper, The Record.'The president was off his game [during the first presidential debate], and there’s only one explanation: Governor Romney got in his head, under his skin, between his toes, inside his ear, and then he tickled his nose,' Schlossberg wrote in the 'In other words, Romney psyched Obama out.It was at this point Malchik decided to bring him to the station for questioning.At the station, the two talked like old friends: discussing family, girlfriends, and life in general.Michael loved farm life and met his responsibilities while also attending high school.With a high IQ of 122, balancing school with farm life was manageable.It is also a tale of this same man who, driven by sexually violent fantasies, brutally raped and murdered eight young girls.And finally, it is a tragic tale of a judicial system that is riddled with imperfections in its responsibility of deciding life or death.

Malchik began the process of interviewing a list of blue Toyota owners which brought him to Michael Ross.

I don’t know how, I don’t know when and I don’t know much about professional sports anymore because I stopped paying attention in 8th grade when I discovered my penis.', Schlossberg jokingly advises his peers on how to be a gentleman by always complaining about the beer they are drinking, never reading in private and always wearing 'at least one piece of leather' ..'leather clothing must never have a zipper, for this is far too functional and has connotations of the peasantry of Urban Outfitters.'He also advises, 'When discussing your parents, which cannot be done enough, never use a possessive.

Always say “Father” or “Mother,” as if they are everyone’s parents.

BROWNSVILLE - The former owner of a Harlingen medical clinic has been arrested on charges he billed Medicaid more than 7,000 for services provided without the supervision of a licensed physician, Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott said Friday.

A Cameron County grand jury indicted Rodney Mesquias, 39, on Nov. He was arrested Wednesday and released on ,000 bond.

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