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Upwards of 500 UK webcams have had their footage streams posted to a Russian website, without their explicit knowledge or permission.

Many visitors arrive at the Minack imagining it was built by invading Romans.

If Caesar's legions had come this far they might have been beguiled by the beauty of the place, but the real truth is as remarkable as this enduring fiction."Minack" in Cornish means a rocky place and the black headed crag below the theatre has always drawn local fishermen.

“It is very easy to find cameras that are still vulnerable to exploits which are several years old,” he added.

“It [is] very easy for an attacker to access the camera and watch it live remotely.” Affected camera brands include Linksys, Panasonic, and the China-based Foscam. Well it’s pretty simple – you’ll need a tough-to-crack password associated to your webcam, and all your computer software too, for that matter.

The best ways to do this are to make sure there aren’t any words in your passphrase, as well as using a mix of letters, numbers, and capital letters.

The issue has arisen as a result of people not using passwords on their webcams, or sticking with the default generic password that came with the camera out of the box.

Both of these options make for easy picking, and actually rely on very little hacking effort to accomplish a breach.

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During the summer you may see the flamingo chicks hatching.

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