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Leinart passed for 365 yards, and his 22-yard TD strike to Dwyane Jarrett put USC ahead 38-26 with left.

Earlier, Bush soared into the end zone on a 26-yard run, part of his 82 yards rushing.

USC has been weak against the ground game and Texas just happens to have two fellas by the last name of young in the backfield that run all ur right..much rather have them in my back field then reggie bush lendale white and matt leinhart u gotta be kidding me man...texas has never seen anything like what they're gonna see tonite. USC needs to step up their game if they wanna have a chance at the victory. They even had the nerve to file for the trademark "Three Pete".

people forget who was number one in the nation in takeaways USC at 37. And no, I'm not counting the TD that came from Vince's knee touchin the ground and the refs not seein it...lolhow many people are saying usc is going to kill texas now. i'm not a texas fan, i'm a carolina fan myself, i just wanted to shut up that**** matt leinhart, but, he didn't seem to learn. Of course they were denied as it was too much like Pat Riley's Lakers from way back... even in the pre-game the USC players were talking smack to the Texas guys while they were doing their stretches and warming up! But suffice to say, the millions spent on hyping Bush as the best college player?

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Remember NFL fans there are 2 better QB's in the draft ahead of Vince Young= Mr. He is great in college but will most likely not do much after.Nobody could stop anybody."When the game was over, Texas players streamed onto the field with the Longhorns' first outright national title since 1969.Young stood on the sideline in a sea of falling confetti, arm raised toward the crowd, and senior tackle William Winston unfurled a big, white Longhorns flag.He did it all - and made sure that Texas was second no more to USC and its Heisman Trophy twins, Reggie Bush and Matt Leinart.It was the ultimate revenge for Young, the bitterly disappointed runner-up to Bush for the Heisman Trophy last month.

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