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These events primarily correspond to Transact-SQL CREATE, ALTER, and DROP statements, and certain system stored procedures that perform DDL-like operations.Logon triggers fire in response to the LOGON event that is raised when a user sessions is being established.DML events are INSERT, UPDATE, or DELETE statements on a table or view.These triggers fire when any valid event is fired, regardless of whether or not any table rows are affected. DDL triggers execute in response to a variety of data definition language (DDL) events.Specifying the fully qualified name of the table or view is optional.A view can be referenced only by an INSTEAD OF trigger.

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DML triggers cannot be defined on local or global temporary tables.

DATABASE Applies the scope of a DDL trigger to the current database.

EXECUTE AS Specifies the security context under which the trigger is executed.

Enables you to control which user account the instance of SQL Server uses to validate permissions on any database objects that are referenced by the trigger.

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Triggers can be created directly from Transact-SQL statements or from methods of assemblies that are created in the Microsoft .

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