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Sometimes you just walk into situations and you’re like, “What is going on here?! While I’m not a ridiculous wordsmith and I can’t clearly verbalize the things that I’m feeling sometimes, I’d say that I can emote how I feel by dancing, 100% of the time, and fearlessly at that. It removes you from this construct of the world that you have, and it’s a conversation that you’re having with people. People can stand around and share movement with each other, whether it’s professional or not. TWITCH: As far as the performance aspect, I’m going to be an actor. I’m really looking forward to that journey, which is great.

I still love performing, but I’m moving into more acting.

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Hopefully, that inspires them to get in dance films that are being made.

We were still doing everything, but we were using those bungee chords. Dance is an art, so day by day, it’s growing and there are new things that can be done.

With the technology that we have now, people are infusing that with dance. It checks in with what’s going on, what’s relevant and where the dance world is going, and they increase that to the max. A lot of the time, when you watch the episodes, I’m up there with them. If I like it, I love it and I’m dancing with them and smiling from ear to ear. It’s not the end all, be all, but I know how much life can change from what you do up there, on that stage.

Maddox was relatively unknown until Angelina Jolie picked it for her oldest son back in 2003.

After that, it jumped into the top 1000, and it's been in the top 170 baby names for the past several years.

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Produced by Wise Entertainment and the brainchild of Katie Elmore Mota, Carlos Portugal and Kathleen Bedoya, the series deals with the experiences of teens navigating life in a fictional inner city high school in East Los Angeles. When the Bomb Squad is invited to attend a prestigious dance camp in Santa Barbara, the East Los High dancers are challenged in a way they never have been before by top notch hip-hop dancer and choreographer, t Witch.

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