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Morphological analyses were concordant with those results.Our findings confirm earlier work comparing similarities in allozymes and species-specific ectoparasites.One polytypic species of has a more restricted distribution in eastern Texas and Oklahoma and northern Louisiana and, until recently, was the only species of pocket gopher thought to occur in Arkansas.Using allozyme electrophoresis and ectoparasite analysis, Elrod et al.Univariate and multivariate statistics were used to analyze the character set.

Only adult females were used in morphometric analyses because older males exhibit pronounced secondary sexual characteristics and become rugose with increased age (Honeycutt and Schmidly 1979).Of the variable characters, 47 (19.65%) occurred at the 1st codon position, 9 (4.21%) at the 2nd position, and 206 (76.14%) at the 3rd position.Of the 120 phylogenetically informative characters, 19 (15.57%), 2 (1.79%), and 99 (82.63%) occurred at the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd codon positions, respectively.Twelve morphometric measurements were recorded from 75 known = 97; Carter, 1; Wayne, 5), and 35 individuals from Ozark populations collected in Izard County, Arkansas.Measurements were taken with digital calipers to the nearest 0.01 mm.

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Phylogenetic analyses were conducted using PAUP version 4.0b2 (Swofford 1999) and MEGA version 1.01 (Molecular Evolutionary Genetic Analysis—Kumar et al. considered the most primitive species in the genus (Russell 1968), was designated as the outgroup.

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