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It is derived from the concept in Plato's Symposium of the love of the idea of good which lies at the root of all virtue and truth.For a brief period, Platonic love was a fashionable subject at the English royal court, especially in the circle around Queen Henrietta Maria, the wife of King Charles I.Browse around on them to find other singles that have very similar interests to you.Then feel free to flirt with them, so you can go out with them tonight.Platonic love was the theme of some of the courtly masques performed in the Caroline era—though the fashion soon waned under pressures of social and political change.Now an article in the Huffington Post tells us that this may not be such a good idea. It’s long been one of those anecdotal observations that a platonic relationship between a guy and a girl usually involves a hopeful guy and a girl in denial.

Platonic love is examined in Plato's dialogue, the Symposium, which has as its topic the subject of love or Eros generally.For some people, once a relationship starts, the partner is the end all and be all of their lives.Others have more complex social lives that require a bit more interaction. People develop crushes all the time throughout their lives.Divine Eros begins the journey from physical attraction i.e.attraction towards beautiful form or body but transcends gradually to love for Supreme Beauty.

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