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Hikaru becomes quite jealous and Kaoru is alerted to his twin's budding romantic feelings for Haruhi, setting up a date between them to help him out.

Arai, a former classmate of Haruhi's, appears as a delivery boy at Pension Misuzu.

When Hikaru asks how she can tell he's upset about Kaoru, she says she just can; the fact being that it is Haruhi's attention to details regarding her friends that enables her to know them so well.

The moment Haruhi "includes" Kaoru, the date begins to improve and the hosts leave them alone.

Haruhi's anxiety grows as more thunder is heard and she specifically suggests they go with Arai, but Hikaru throws a tantrum and runs off, this time with Haruhi trailing after him.

A bit later, Arai calls Misuzu to see if the two made it back and the hosts learn about what transpired after they left.

As the couple shops and chats, Haruhi hears low thunder, signaling an oncoming storm.

The date continues and being empathetic, Haruhi purchases a get-well gift for Kaoru knowing that Hikaru's selfish behavior is due, in part, to his worrying about his brother.During the date, the Hosts play "The Stalking Game" with comedic flair.Arai bumps into the couple and as a thunderstorm looms, offers them a ride back to the pension; but instead of accepting, Hikaru runs off. Worried about Haruhi, Tamaki calls Hikaru and scolds him for leaving her alone when she's terrified of thunder.The following day, Kyoya asks Kaoru if he thought the two would fall in love to which Kaoru replies that Hikaru is still too much of a dummy; Kyoya adding that their club is full of them.The episode begins where the last leaves off, with delivery boy Arai and Haruhi recognizing one another.

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