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For a starship that makes sense, but the Death Star spends much of its time in a small orbit, thus large amounts of detritus buildup is unwise.More likely the trash is vented inwards into the station’s power source and destroyed.I still sometimes fall victim to being too overcome by a guy’s hotness to be honest about our likely long term potential, but I think that is something that happens in all forms of attraction! If you two find that you are compatible in many ways and start a relationship and fall in love, then that love rises above physical factors.

Or if they recycle the material (which is mostly metal), good control over the rate of slag to be melted. And what of the creature that lives in the trash compactor?I try to assume that you are completely independent and can do everything for yourself, waiting for you to ask for help if you need it, but I’m not perfect with that. I think that, as with the general population, some people are looking for hook ups and some people are looking for relationships.It’s a tricky balance to arrange of how much to ignore the disability and how much to acknowledge it or talk about it and it’s a different balance with every person. Don’t assume that because someone is a dev, that means he or she is just interested in sex and is super kinky and horny.I have been on several dates with wheelchair users, but each one is different in whether he wants or needs help with certain things and different attitudes about how disability has played in his life.I don’t automatically know what you are capable of.

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It’s not large enough to serve the entire space station. Why do both walls of the trash compactor move towards each other? The Death Star runs off of a seemingly limitless energy source at its core. If it was hydrolics or pneumatics then yes you’re doubling the parts and it doesn’t make sense.

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