Most intimidating baby names

Many of you may see the Padres this far down on the list and wonder why they are not near the top with another group of Holies, the Angels.

But the Friars have something going for them—they're crazy.

But something about the fact that they are not belligerent drunks takes away from the intimidation factor of brewers.

Pound a couple of Millers and the Brew Crew will move up the list.

The Red Sox name goes back over a century and is just about as synonymous with baseball as anything. Not many things in this world are less intimidating than socks. I mean, couldn't they think of In one of America's richest cities in terms of baseball history, the home of Stan Musial, Bob Gibson and Albert Pujols, the mascot is a bird that could fit inside a baseball glove. It gets some brownie points for having a fauxhawk and at least attempting to appear scary. Going on with our bird category, the Baltimore Orioles boast a bird that can grow to a maximum of 30 centimeters long. That way, we wouldn't have a three-way tie for 27th place on this list.

Fans of their respective teams take pride in wearing the colors and logo of their boys.They are baseball's oldest team and one whose choice of name should not be questioned. Don't get me wrong, seeing the sun in the sky scares no one.But in the post-Soviet era, calling someone a Red is basically implying their residence in the Kremlin. But its rays and their destructive power do count for something.These guys knew how to fight, especially considering they pried our country away from the strong hand of the British. But they didn't have F-22 fighter jets or rocket propelled grenades, so they are no longer that intimidating. Yep, Phillies fans are definitely one of the more intimidating groups in the game. But take Ray Lewis or Kevin Garnett, and you have a different story.The Nationals, our founding fathers, round out the bottom half of the list. Go to Citizens Bank Park in Mets gear, and you will almost certainly get a beer poured on you, even if you're 10 years old. Taking the average of all athletes, the average 5'10", 175-pound person would be wise to avoid conflict.

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