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Why is it that LGBT events, which are supposed to be a safe and accepting place for the queer community, makes a portion of that community feel unwelcome?

Surely the LGBT community, of all people, should understand that we can’t control who we fall in love with.

Unfortunately, it can sometimes be difficult to accept your bisexuality, especially if you're still coming to terms with it. Figure out what bisexuality means to you personally.

Accept that there is nothing wrong with being bisexual.

All was going well with my other half, so I had no interest in declaring this piece of news. The whole experience was somewhat of a non-issue, and I could pass as straight and go about my life as per usual.

And by definition, our place at LGBT events is as legitimate as those in same-sex relationships.The concept of “passing” as straight may seem like a more pain-free position in the LGBT community, but it comes with its own set of prejudices and exclusions, both from the general public and within the LGBT community itself.The general consensus when it comes to sexuality is that people are either gay or straight, and this dichotomy makes navigating everyday life tricky.Due to the straight privilege I’m afforded by my partner, I haven’t experienced discrimination or ridicule for my relationship.Does that make my voice a less legitimate one than that of a gay person or lesbian? Bel also experienced exclusion at a Pride March due to her opposite-sex partner.

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It was a realisation that came with much soul-searching and a great sense of relief. But in doing so, I became somewhat of a strange breed: a bisexual woman in a monogamous relationship with a straight man.

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