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The top country of origin for the adults identified was the United States, with 254 requests coming from there, followed by Britain, with 110, and India, with 103.

It remains to be seen if any of the people identified will be prosecuted, but the research demonstrated that it is relatively easy to find and identify such adults.

In an online sting operated from an anonymous warehouse office in an Amsterdam industrial park, Terre des Hommes set out to gauge the scale of a fast-growing internet phenomenon the group calls webcam child sex tourism.

The result was shocking, the group's director of projects, Has Guyt, told The Associated Press on Monday at the tiny office where Terre des Hommes used the 3D digital animated girl they dubbed Sweetie to unmask 1,000 internet users they say wanted to pay to watch a child engage in sex acts via webcam.

Terre des Hommes has for years worked to combat child prostitution in Southeast Asia, and staff members noticed in recent years that young prostitutes were disappearing from their usual haunts: cafés, restaurants and hotels frequented by sex tourists.

They discovered that sex tourists no longer have to leave their homes to exploit children, thanks to the proliferation of high-speed internet connections, Guyt said.

He said child prostitutes, and in some cases children forced by their own impoverished parents, offer to perform sex acts online in return for money.

Once payment has been received, often via an online money transfer service, they will perform in front of a webcam with the images sent via a private chat room.

The group did not identify any of them to media but passed the results of its investigation to Interpol.

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Is there a good program for Gnome that provides cross-platform instant messaging and video chat?

This rules out Skype and a MSN, as well as any other app that's specific for the ICQ/AOL Network. Pidgin doesn't intend to develop video-chat, I haven't found a plugin for it that provides video, and Gaim-vv hasn't been developed in over two years and is so out of date that it's still going by Gaim and not Pidgin.

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