Intimidating entrance music

Believe me, I wouldn't want to touch that garbage with a pair of industrial-strength rubber gloves.

Instead, I present this breakdown of entrance songs of the modern day's most successful closers.

Only the truly great closers -- or those with truly great entrance songs -- kept their music the same throughout their career.Funny story about that: Williams' pitching coach Dick Pole didn't appreciate associating his closer with a song about wildness, so he had the music changed to "Thriller". Since 1998, thirty-four closers have accumulated 150 or more saves.From Jeff Shaw, who earned 152 saves for the Reds and Dodgers between 19, to the great Mariano Rivera, 595 and still going strong, the list spans relief aces of all talent levels, including more than a few "Oh yeah, I remember when that guy closed for us! Though all of these pitchers had at least four or five good seasons, their musical impact was less impressive.Over the years, pro wrestling has delivered dozens and dozens of classic theme songs, and it was torturous trying to limit ourselves to even just thirty of the very best, which is why we ended up going over. Somehow, Eddie Guerrero turned lying, cheating, and stealing into laudable things, probably because he was an incredible performer with charisma to spare.When he finally got his run as WWE Champion, this was the theme music he used, which was adopted from the theme he had been sharing with his nephew Chavo during their time as a tag team.

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