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Though the shop was “renowned for its huge selection of produce, packaged foods, and wine,” Iyengar “often walked out empty-handed, unable to settle on just one bottle of mustard or olive oil when she had hundreds of options.” The experience fueled Iyengar’s research into the psychology of choice. means only that the single person’s wasteland is that much more vast: New York City’s 305-square-mile expanse offers over 8 million people to pick over.What she discovered were “neurological limits on humans’ ability to process information” that meant “the task of having to choose is often experienced as suffering, not pleasure.” Iyengar concluded that “the explosion of choice has made it more difficult overall for people to identify what they want and how to get it.” Like a shelf stocked full with fancy mustards, too many potential mates makes it harder to settle on just one. After a near decade of dating experience in that environment, my friend Joe Berkowitz tells me, the sheer volume of young singles in the city “gives you the sense that you could meet someone at any time.filed its latest tabulation in February, claiming—based on its large population size, high percentage of unmarried households, and relatively moderate date-night tab—that Los Angeles was the fifth best city for single people in the country. And alongside college towns like Iowa City, Durham, Bloomington, Ann Arbor—cities so stuffed with single coeds that they ought to be disqualified—New York City joined L. A closer look at the studies shows that they’re often measuring the best cities for single people to stay that way—depending on your perspective, the cities for singles.In New York, Kiplinger’s 2012 count notes, over half of the metro area’s 18.7 million households are unmarried ones (the national average is 28 percent), and one in five people fall between the ages of 20 and 34. first in its proportion of single people, and second in the percentage of them who actively date online., die täglichen Kuriositäten des Lebens, kratzige Handtücher, lockere menschen, wenn die Sonne scheint, Beständigkeit, Strandgänge, Initiative, ruhige Abende am Wasser, Konversationen in ganzen Sätzen, mit Freunden was unternehmen-Strand, zu zweit kochen, Nudeln Pizza Pommes, Gebirgspfade, den Duft von Heu und Lindenblüten im Frühsommer, Grillabende, Haare zum Wuscheln, Kabarett, Zuneigung, Zuverlässigkeit, sexy Frauen, Schneeglöckchen, , essen, das Schlumpflied pfeifen, Feuer, spontanes Reisen, Pferde, Unabhängigkeit, Sex, gute Diskussionen Top 100 Station, Welle 1, soft rock, anythingthatsoundsgood, Livemusik, Heinz-Rudolf-Kunze, Instrumental, Eagles, Graveyard, 80er und 90er, Soundtracks, Metall, hiphop, Rn B,80er, Michael Jackson, Pop, Schlager z.b.Andrea Berg u.s.w., Beethoven, Chilly Gonzales, Dead Prez, DJ Danger Mouse, Feist, Gonzales, Huss & Hodn, John Lee Hooker, Kings of Convenience, Mouse on Mars, The Others, We are Smug, Sehr gemischt, Rat Pack, A Fine Frenzy, Queen, Simon & Garfunkel, Beatles, Spirit of the West, Diary of Dreams, Vieles aber nicht alles, uk-grime, Kinderlieder, mathias reim, Bon jovi, Dire Straits, Nneka, Volksmusik, Swing, discofox, Wave, The Glitch Mob, Viel Querbeet, Rockstep, Muss sich gut anhören, reggea, vieles aber keine Volksmusik oder Schlager!!Most of the time, though, you don’t.” Another friend who uses an online dating site in the city says that the buffet of options means “everyone is looking out for someone better.” That endless search can prove to be a logistical nightmare.One New Yorker told me that “subway distances can make things grueling,” meaning that budding romances easily die on a stalled L train.

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