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Mindy had the idea that Morgan, now that he has a girlfriend, to be that guy who puts on a lot of weight — which is what happened to me. So it just seemed to be a confluence of ideas that came together in one sweaty fat suit.

The show also conquers another major women’s lib issue: Having it all. There’s a line in the episode “Lahiri Family Values” from this season where Mindy says “a woman can have professional ambitions and still have a family.

So much so that Mindy [Kaling, the show’s star and creator], who laughs a lot too, has to say, ‘Hey you can’t laugh so much,’ and the director has to come by and be like, ‘We’re losing money.’ It’s not good.

It’s my personal struggle.” He shouldn’t worry too much, though — the Chicago-born actor’s quick wit is what carried him from Wrigleyville to Hollywood.

Inevitably, though, you’ll have to do the episode where the character Mindy gives birth.

Please tell me you won’t make it some overly dramatic moment.

As the show ends its third season with Kaling’s character, the wise-beyond-her-words OB/GYN Mindy Lahiri, pregnant and contemplating what a future will be like with her boyfriend Danny (Chris Messina) while also starting her own fertility clinic, Kaling: With the two characters, I feel like they’re not using the same rhythm that normal couples would do and I felt that, at the end of the season …Kaling: Yeah, we’re not going to do the heart-wrenching “will she make it” type thing.We’re not talking an episode of “ER” where you’re not sure if Mindy’s going to make it.I think the version you saw on TV was a far cry from what was at the [writers’] table, which was a lot more vivid and graphic. I know you haven’t received a fourth season renewal yet, but have you thought about any social taboos you want to cover next year?Kaling: We don’t approach stories with “what’s the story that nobody wants to talk about?

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they’ve been dating for this amount of time and I didn’t want to be this sweet honeymoon period where they were just this happy couple where there were no roller coasters happening to them.

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