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Now another guy I know mentioned the term "Panther".... See, I've heard ladies say that once they hit 30 they're cougars.But I always considered a cougar any lady that's significantly older than the guy that she's hitting on. I always thought of cougars as the middle aged divorcee's who are at clubs trying to score with the young bucks...Sample the young boys and the racial flavours....smoke a cigarette and beat it.... He defines them as pretty, bodies like teenagers but, older then my mom.He tells them right out they are older then his mother but, they still stand there..I normally date men younger but, tht's because they are the ones asking.I mean, cougars are predators, so it makes sense that the lady would be on the prowl and hitting on male prey that's younger and more innocent than she. they dress in the traditional Jersey style with the overdone tan, hair, nails, makeup and tons of bling. The difference is that the cougars know how to shake it and know that heels with jogging pants is a sacreligious act. lol Give me 5 years though and I'll see what I can do.You may from time to time see a lady wearing heels with jogging pants.. When I grow up, I wanna be a cougar.OP OH dear god. When I hear the term, "Cougar" I picture a women in her late 30's (and up) who may or may not dress her age.Go Cougar seeks to facilitate meetings between these creatures. One more time folks......really, I'm not off here.. Doesn't matter the age bracket...30 to 20, 40 to 30 etc...... Peaceget a grip of yourself ..thats off what some online thingy thangy...

I hate the word "cougar"....just sounds so tacky to me....guy came up to me and called me a cougar....was very, very young....anyway... I'd be taking you your sweet ass home and ****ing you in a way you've never been ****ed....I'm not going to do that....bye, bye...cause he called me a cougar...She's a little heavy on the perfume and a little weighed down by all that styled hair.On the bright side she'll buy YOU drinks, perform just about any sexual act and be mature enough not to expect a phone call or cab fare. If everybody was against what they're doing, they wouldn't exactly have anyone to do now would they?Its a very plain definition and it really is not a bad one.Its got nothing about being over 30 over 40 over 50..a woman who dresses young or acts young or has long nails etc..(good lawrd).

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