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The east coast is home to secluded beaches like Andicuri (ideal for bodyboarding or kitesurfing) and Black Stone Beach, which is covered with eroded lava pebbles.The crushed coral and shell composition of the white-sand beaches keep it cool even in the warmest afternoon hours.

The tourism board markets it as “one happy island” — but what makes this 21-mile-long island near the coast of Venezuela in the southern Caribbean such a tourist draw? cities — including a new daily Jet Blue flight from Fort Lauderdale beginning on Jan.

Aruba has a rugged side and is also an adventure destination.

Arikok National Park makes up nearly 20% of the island, and in some spots in the island’s center, you’d think you were in Arizona with the cacti and desert landscape.

ORANJESTAD, Aruba (WJZ)— Robyn Gardner vanished on a tropical island with a man she met online.

Now authorities say they want to question him again.

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