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After WWII, air combat was supposed to be all about intercepting nuclear-armed strategic bombers at long range. Naval Ordnance Test Station at China Lake in California’s Mojave Desert, a few dozen gadgeteers under physicist William B.The experts fancied missiles with radar guidance, though this required launch planes to track and “paint” targets with microwaves throughout attack runs. Mc Lean were toying with lead-sulfide proximity fuzes that were sensitive to the infrared radiation generated by heat.The sad truth: Your newfound cyber-sweetheart may be part of an organized criminal ring, a young man sitting at a keyboard in a Nigerian or Russian boiler room.After a few weeks of sweet talk, there comes the inevitable hook: Your friend needs your help.Not every Valentine's Day story has a happy ending.Consider the New Jersey man in his 60s who committed suicide after losing his retirement savings to an alleged sweetheart he met on the Internet.Those targeted are often boomer age or older, who may be lonely, rich or just looking for fun.

There's a new twist that Sluppick says is "growing by leaps and bounds" (though firm statistics are few because victims are usually too embarrassed to report it): Romance scammers are claiming to be soldiers in order to target patriotic women of all ages. Although we keep our ereaders close at hand, sometimes we just need the feel of the paper between our fingers, and that's what our Books, Graphic Novels & Coloring Books category is all about.We have board books for wee geeklings and stories for slightly older ones, coding guides, classic cyberpunk, new sci-fi and fantasy, graphic novels (and not just those from Marvel and DC Comics, although we do stock some of our favorite classics), manga, and even adult coloring books featuring images from your favorite games, TV shows, comic books, and movies.The distance of an infrared blip’s reflection from the axis of spin indicated its angle-off; current from the centrally mounted lead-sulfide detector kept the “eye” on target via electromagnets around its rim and controlled the missile’s canard guide fins.Future astronaut Wally Schirra, then a hotshot Korea veteran with a Mi G-15 kill to his credit, remembered his first visit to the lab.

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As Red Chinese and American warships faced off in the Formosa Strait, Nationalist F-86F Sabres flew against Mi G fighters, including the new Mi G-17 “Fresco.” Cruising above and beyond the reach of the Sabres’ machine guns—weapons that remained basically unchanged since the dawn of fighter aircraft—Fresco pilots enjoyed not only superior numbers but superior technology. In late September the Sabres took on new, American-supplied weaponry—needle-like, 9-foot-long rockets that were barb-tipped and finned, with delicate glass noses instead of steel warheads. For the Taiwanese pilots the conclusion was inescapable, if unbelievable: The Americans had created a missile that could seek out and destroy the enemy on its own.

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