Dating recovering addict advice

Will the pursuit of romance or physical intimacy therefore act as a trigger for us?Waiting a year before dating gives us a chance to work through some of our character defects, a task which most of us are undertaking for the first real time.This is especially common after the first couple of months, when we’re feeling good about our recovery and wish to start getting other areas of our lives back on track.More importantly, we must remember that addicts and alcoholics tend to lack inhibitions.

But for those who may have missed that article, we really think it’s important why recovering addicts understand the theory that dating within the first year of recovery can be dangerous.The third is commitment, which is how dedicated you are to staying in the relationship.Now that you know about what types of relationships exist, you can determine which type comprises the bulk of your romantic/sexual history.It bears repeating that it is only within the first year that dating in recovery is not suggested.Recovering from addiction does not mean that you can never date again.

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