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By 1800, Liberty—then called Liberty Spring—was included in the newly formed Pendleton District, which included most of modern-day Anderson, Oconee, and Pickens Counties.

During the Antebellum period, most people living in Liberty Spring were subsistence farmers: farmers who grew only what they needed to survive.

References to early land records, however, suggests that such is not the case.The Otarre, or Lower Hill Cherokees, had several thriving villages along the riverbanks in the area; perhaps the most notable example being the village of Keowee, located near the modern day Oconee and Pickens County line.Cherokee tribesmen, who often survived by growing crops, and tended to live in small villages, were in many ways more domesticated than other Native American tribes.It is along these tracks that the towns of Liberty, Easley, and Central all grew.By 1873, Liberty Station was built north of Liberty Spring after Mrs.

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