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Konkatu Singapore’s recent omiai took place on 1 September and was attended by 13 men and 13 women.The co-founders hope to host such events at least twice a year.“Since everyone talks on a one-on-one basis, there are restrictions on the number of people,” said Miwa.

An “omiai” is a dating event set up for matchmaking candidates who are serious about getting married.“There are not many female Singapore members looking for Japanese future partners,” she said.How it works The length of time it takes for one to meet a life partner through the agency can be as short as six months to as long as two years.“It depends on the person.“Japanese singles living abroad face difficulties in finding partners and it raises the unmarried rate in Japan.”Miwa also revealed that Singapore has become a popular destination for Japanese to find love.She said she is not surprised by the phenomenon as Singapore has become a hub for the Asian economy.“Singapore is also a hub for Konkatu.

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