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The PPK frame used far less materials to make it, since it did not have a back strap. Walthers' next design incorporated an enclosed hammer, as well as a free floating barrel (the army demanded a free floating barrel for reliability).The backs trap was performed by the plastic wrap around grips. This new pistol was known as the Walther AP (armee-pistole).The HP had an external hammer, which the army preferred, and had a single case harden locking block, which prevented it from cracking.By late 1938 the Walther HP was in production, for commercial sales. With a few more minor changes, the pistol finally was accepted by the German army, and "P38" became the official model name!

Many of these pistols had mixed parts between the HP and P38 and be marked with the commercial proof. The first really genuine P38 were known as the Zero-series.

They found one developed by an American named Pederson, who developed it for the Remington pistols.

Once they had this design, the weight and dimensions of the MP were changed.

By the end of the war 1.2 million P38s were produced, of which Walther made only about 580,000.

Because the Wehrmacht needed more than 10,000 pistols per month, they looked for other manufacturers to produce the P38.

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