Dating of the tower of babel

When we used the Bible to find the location of Bethel north of Jerusalem, where this incident took place, we discovered a mountain between Bethel and Ai.

The Tower of Babel is a tower that is referred to in Genesis 11. They did not want to be scattered, so they decided to build a city and a tower.

The famous Hanging Gardens were a part of the temple tower.

Among many archaeological treasures discovered in the city were the clay tablets with the Enuma Elish Creation Epic, which some scholars mistakenly say inspired the biblical creation story.

After seeing that they were all working together for a common purpose he decided something needed to be done.

It may be that they would have tried to elevate themselves to the place of God. Because they could no longer understand each other they left off building the city and they were scattered to other parts of the Earth.

They wanted to make a name for themselves and hoped that that would keep them together.

Adding up the ages in Genesis -16 dates the Tower of Babel to about 101 years after the Great Flood.

It is also important to note that the community of Babel was also building a city in the periphery of the Tower.

God intentionally scattered mankind to retard their technological advancement by confusing their speech.

Archeology tells us that Sumer (Biblical Shinar) was the first civilized society and was founded about 3500 BC, which gives an approximate date for the Tower of Babel.

Nimrod was king of Sumer (Genesis 10:8-12) and likely ordered the building of the Tower.

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