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If you don’t respond before the deadline (generally 30 days), garnishment will proceed.after garnishment has begun – if you win your hearing then garnishment will stop.You’ll need to provide documentation, with details about your finances, in order to prove that you’re facing a hardship.Employment: you’ve been in your current job for less than 12 months, and you were involuntarily terminated from your previous job (fired or laid off, for example).There are several ways to get out of garnishment (the list below contains of your options, and there may be others).Hardship: the proposed garnishment would create an “extreme financial hardship” for you or your dependents.Bankruptcy: you recently filed for bankruptcy, or the loan was addressed by bankruptcy already.

Unfortunately, most loan servicers (the company that you send payments to) do not give you enough information on how to stop wage garnishment due to student loans.

The federal government (and private lenders) can and garnish wages.

For federal student loans like Stafford and PLUS loans, there’s no need a legal judgment against you – garnishment is allowed “administratively,” (but private lenders need to successfully take you to court).

To prevent your wages from being garnished, request a hearing with the Department of Education.

This gives you a chance to explain your side of things and postpones the start date of your garnishment.

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If you decide to consolidate, be careful about switching out of federal student loans and into private loans.

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