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"What he did for women's right's, these girls just don't understand. At the end of a good night working Detroit's old Playboy Club, the former Union Lake schoolgirl known as Bunny Jill would unzip her corseted costume and clouds of money would fall from the satiny bosom."We used to put all of our tips in the top of the costume and we'd unzip our costume and there'd be money everywhere," recalls Joy Percival, a.k.a. "We'd all sit there and count our money and have a cup of coffee.The Detroit Playboy Bunny of 1970 still calls it a highlight of her 62 years. We were the attractions," says Burton, who now owns a cleaning service. The women performed in 3-inch heels and a corseted costume, a ladylike tease, former bunnies say.No amount of feminist reasoning or argument will convince Renee Burton of Farmington Hills that she was exploited or objectified. There were strict rules against fraternizing with the customers, although the uniform accentuated every body curve and amplified the sexual tension.She took two or three buses from Dearborn to get to the club. "Hefner did a great job of creating an image."Four years into the job, she was fired."I was a Playboy bunny until I got too old.They found out I was almost 30 and terminated me," says Rigney, 73, of Orchard Lake.

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Bunnies were not permitted to chew gum or eat while on duty, or drink alcoholic beverages.

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