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Be sure to exchange enough information via voice so you can set up and coordinate a meeting if the phone interview goes well.Also, be sure that you send a text acknowledgment every time there is any message in the system.A client asked me to call them, but their number showed up as an unclickable phone icon.And when I sent them my number, it did the same thing. Several times now, someone contacted me and we exchanged a few messages here in the system.If we do encounter a problem with someone we simply block them and that's it. I actually contacted about this nonsense & got a long response about it all being for my protection and the "benefits" of care chat. I just wanted things to go back to the way they were & let me decide who to give my phone number to & who not to!!When I started with back in May (I think) there was no problem sending prospective employers by cell phone number. What's next...they want an accounting of what I eat & drink during the day?????

Then, browse 100s of greetings from other Red Hot callers live on the line. Send an anonymous message, or get adventurous and have a private conversation--or more!I lost my care pro status because I didn't respond after that second phone call was completed.You must send a text message in this system after any phone connection, and you must answer every message within 24 hours, or you may lose care pro.It took me about two minutes to do that, validated my cell phone number, and we were able to connect. They called me right back and the phone interview went on for another 30 minutes, and we got disconnected again -- but we had already set up an in person interview.It seems there may be a 30 minute limit to the care chat connection.

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It's like this on both my computer and the mobile app. Then they sent me a message asking if I would call them, and there was a phone icon that I could press.

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