Are lana del rey and axl rose dating

He should have named names and led the pack instead being coy and holding out.Now it’s too late – Corey Haim’s mother thinks he’s pulling a fast one because he needs the money, and we agree…What could be more timely in this tumultuous new era of females finally speaking out?(Above, Taraji P Henson, center, in Hidden Figures) actress certainly didn’t make any friends when she started tweeting after the Las Vegas massacre that psychiatric drugs – not necessarily guns – caused the whole thing to happen.(Above, Kesha in Liverpool) Photo Credit: AKM-GSI The Hollywood Reporter is doing a brilliant job of tracking all the recent crimes against women in Hollywood and this week they took a look at the corrupt Hollywood lawyers.The late Garry Shandling’s ex-girlfriend Linda Doucette revealed her horrific experiences with powerful lawyers when she and Garry split.She’s concerned about the environment and the dying bee population.Her latest album is appropriately titled is the exact opposite – read all you can about it ahead of time and it will be even FUNNIER.

Run, don’t walk – to see this movie before everybody starts talking about it.(Above, Corey and his wife Courtney Anne Mitchell, 28, at Tao) Photo Credit: AKM-GSI It’s nice that Kesha is obviously a fan of Patsy Cline and she’s knocking off Patsy’s gorgeous gabardine cowgirl suits designed by Nudie the legendary rodeo tailor.However, Kesha’s updated versions leave a LOT to be desired.Why doesn’t Mickey’s stylist pal step in and help Mickey with his HAIR?He has an assortment of unnatural looking wigs that desperately need attention.

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